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November 13, 2012

AMA + PhRMA lose trust

Conspiracy Against Chiropractic Why the AMA is So Terrified of This Health Care
   Conspiracy Against Chiropractic
Long treated as quacks with unscientific and even dangerous treatments, these professionals struggled for existence and respect. Yet they can be a valued health ally to you. So what’s the AMA so fearful of?

Story at-a-glance

  • The film Doctored reveals the hidden truth behind the chiropractic profession’s struggle against ignorance, and the systematic and deliberate campaign by the American Medical Association (AMA) to destroy complementary medicine
  • In 1984, the US Supreme Court found the AMA guilty of an illegal conspiracy to contain and eliminate the chiropractic profession, and ordered the AMA to cease its illegal boycott of chiropractors
  • Conventional medicine, backed and ruled by the pharmaceutical industry, is corrupt to the core and frequently does more harm than good, while simultaneously protecting their business and hiding its ineffectiveness by suppressing legitimate, safe, and effective alternative or complementary practices

(This is another fairly long movie from Dr Mercola (over an hour), but it is very good.  Most of the things which I deeply value with regard to our health and the way we live is covered within this film.  The control factors within the Medical complex including Big Pharma and the Insurance industries  and the AMA are closely interwoven.   Alternative disciplines have never had a fair chance to practice  in the USA.  Tho this film seems to concentrate mainly on  Chiropractic methods and care, this holds true with so many other healing branches wherein doctors  have been pilloried for thinking outside the box.   

My mother took me to a chiropractor for the first time when I was 16.  When I arose one morning,  my head wasn’t on straight.  Aside from the horror of having my head positioned  rigidly  as far left as it would go (as if I were trying to look over my left shoulder),  it damned well hurt.   And I was scared.   I was terrified when she told me that she was going to take me to the chiropractor.  I had seen what that man did to her a few times and it sounded terrible!  I wanted none of it.  It was simple to her and she was firm.    Imagine that poor man trying to get me to relax with my misery, pain and fear.  But he fixed me and it was done.   My relief to me was magic.    Needless to say, I went on being a willing chiropractic patient throughout the rest of my life as the occasion warranted it. 

Much good info here in this “Doctored” movie.   Think you might enjoy it.    Jan)


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