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November 7, 2012

Buying a car?

Shifting Car Market

Nothing major here, just noticing that according to what I read, the market is shifting and therefore, perhaps a “good thing” for those of you who may be looking around (for whatever reason)..  So first,  from the Business Section, everything is looking up in Ohio, ranking #2 now. Therefore, time to make some moves.

As to  CAR MATTERS first:


Used car prices are heading down after spending the past year at unusually high levels. The supply of used cars is beginning to bounce back from lows during the economic downturn, which is leading to lower prices, a trend analysts expect to continue.

Despite this, Kelley Blue Book is advising that used vehicle prices are still high enough that consumers might want to take a closer look at buying a new vehicle. One reason to consider a new car is some promotional financing deals, including several automakers offering zero percent interest. (That should get attention!)

and Second:


Use Web before obtaining auto loan


When financing a new-vehicle purchase through a dealer or a lending institution, a buyer should know all the ins and outs of securing an auto loan.

Websites offer information about auto-loan strategies, including comparing rates in advance, learning credit requirements and determining a vehicle’s top value:  Offers variety of tools to secure a good auto loan —  finance/

•  : Explores loan-rate comparisons, dealer financing and key payment factors —  -to-guides/getting-a-loan.php

Edmunds: Provides a range of auto-loan topics, including financing options, a loan calculator and how to spot yo-yo financing —

• Financial Web: Spotlights four tips for attaining an auto loan with little or no credit —   4-tips-to-get-auto-financing -with-little-or-no-credit -history.html

• NADA: Covers a variety of auto-loan topics, including credit requirements, vehicle-value tips and co-signing —  Car-Tips-and-Articles/   Auto-loan-advisor


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