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October 25, 2012

Green smoothie 4 autistic boy

Victoria shares a rewarding experience which one family with a 6 year old autistic boy had, when going through a bad food time

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Green Smoothies Help an Autistic Child
Persimmons Green Jelly

Green Smoothies Help an Autistic Child

Green Smoothies for Autism Dear Friends,

Yesterday, my day was brightened by the following letter:

“My six-year-old son has Asperger’s which is an Autistic disorder.
He had a very tough time with food lately and about 3 weeks ago chose to start drinking smoothies. I honestly don’t know how to describe my gratitude to you. He is a changed child. A lot of the challenges we used to have are just gone! I knew green smoothies and raw food is good for you and that it could help people that are sick to get better – but I never imagined it would have such an impact on an autistic child. Thank you!”

E. T.
From The Netherlands

To read the more detailed version, click here.

When added to the daily menu of children and adults, green smoothies bring a lot of essential vitamins, minerals and easy-to-digest proteins. Chlorophyll is a liquefied sunshine. It is the most alkalizing, anti-viral, and healing substance in the world.
Enjoy your green smoothies daily with your family!

Persimmons Green Jelly

Here is a scrumptious seasonal green smoothie recipe for you:

Persimmons Green Smoothie
4-5 persimmons, seeds removed
½ bunch (200g) spinach
2-3 cups water
Blend well. Pour quickly as it may solidify.
Yields: about 1 quart (liter)

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