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October 20, 2012

Finding your Food path

Dietary Choices, one more time

I know,  maybe too soon, eh?  Well, I get something in my mind and I enjoy that sense of ‘completion’  even tho, I totally understand – we never get it done!  So, it’ll never BE  ‘done.’  Already explained my thinking in the Social Security Raise article (10-18-12) in which I discuss the need for each person to be free to choose his-her own path, what works for them.   So many splendid physicians have presented their own ideas and the foundational thinking behind them.   Often, those doctors offer the plans complete with what to eat and why.  Written their own books;  Mercola,  McDougall,  Neal Barnard,  Joel Fuhrman,  Caldwell Esselstyn,  Dean Ornish and Loren Cordain.

Lets not forget the many hints received from people like Dr Jonathan Wright,  David Wolfe and  Donna Gates.  No shortage of information. We are on info-over-load – most of us.    So how do we do it?  Who to follow, go with. . .trust?  You keep digging til something grabs you or it just clicks, sounds cool.  Lean into it. . .feels okay, maybe give it a try.   Can always rethink and retry down the road.    Some plans may seem bizarre to us or too extreme.  We must “give up” too much and don’t see ourselves doing that.

Attitude is so important.  Can’t approach the new path with the ‘giving-up’ mentality.  We’re looking at lack or not enough or doing without.  All that is counter-productive and will work against us.  If there is high degree of pain and misery or impending doom – – we’ll do anything.  But this diet thing doesn’t seem like such an urgent thing.  We just want to insure optimum health – painlessly, magically.   This would be proof to many that all that information we have been perusing hasn’t sunk in very far or connected the dots for us.   Like the world of business – garbage in, garbage out.    We have to understand that the generic “foods” from the supermarket which have been pre-packaged, or in cans or boxes and plastic are not really feeding us, just filling our bellies.  We need nourishment.  Then there is the GMO’s, pesticides and depleted soils and sick cattle and other animals on modern factory farms.  Every one of us must go thru the learning process on our own.    Each must decide what we want to do, can afford to do and lastly, are able to do.  Much to consider.  Like Clinton – I feel your pain.


I want to share something with you which came my way back in April or May of this year.  I believe it was one of the perks when I bought Dr. Mark Hyman’s book on Diabesity called the “Blood Sugar Solution” and submitted proof of purchase to them.   Incidentally, his book is sound, his plan good and he is right on.   Much of what he touts is reminiscent of Gary Taubes – and you may understand how impressed with him I am.  Really anxious to buy one or two of his books which I hear are excellent.

Anyway, I started to receive weekly letters [email] from Val Archer <> which was an 8 week series of so-called lessons on how to eat for one’s unique needs.   I actually read them, printed them out and saved them.   Her info was helpful to me as I dug into juicing more deeply and finally the wheat-grass thing.  She had been a strong advocate of Dr Ann Wigmore also like so many others.   As I was checking something out in her file today, I wondered to myself why I had never shared her stuff with you.  If it passed muster with me, well, by golly, maybe some of you might like it as well.  She is a lady with an interesting background and has rather a different slant on things.

So  I am giving you a page here to look into  Val’s message to see if it does something for you in helping to reach some decisions.  It’s Free

Green Smoothie Recipes + In-depth Info on Green Smoothies

1 day ago – Get Val’s Free 8-week Class – How to WIN with Raw Foods When Your Willpower Is Weak & The Economy Is Killing …. In my experience, Energy Soup and Green Smoothies HEAL teeth and gums. ….. Theme by Val Archer


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