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October 16, 2012

Gary Taubes on what makes us fat

What if It’s All Been A Big Fat Lie?

This is a telephone interview between Dr Mercola and Gary Taubes and an article he did for the New York Times Magazine which caused quite a stir.  Apparently, when Gary speaks, people do listen.    Think you’ll like this.


I sat through this, this evening and just loved it.   Even tho it’s over an hour, maybe 1 1/4 hour,  Gary Taubes makes so much sense and doesn’t mind telling it like it is.  Dr Mercola found some of this revelatory as well.  There is just so much to this business.  I need to listen again.

I think I’m hearing a fairly clear affirmation of the earliest man’s  way of eating which today we understand to be the Paleolithic way of eating.

I’m hearing how the so called tests are often done and then picked over to justify the conclusions certain professionals wish to bear witness to.    And these conclusions become “science”  which is taken for granted over the decades whether they are correct or not.

I was hearing how Salt has fallen in and out of favor.

Discussions of FAT is just embarrassing.    Fat does not make us fat!

But it is the discussion of Carbohydrates that has me going and needing to hear again and really be clear.    It seems that its the way the body handles the carbs in our body. . . something about being the Insulin Hormone regulator.  Calorie content is relevant, but not the regulator     So it seems the type of carb and the way the body  receives  and handles this energy decides our Fat fate. Back in the 40’s, it was thought the cells determined how much energy was needed, how much to store and how much to release.  That thinking was replaced by the amount of food consumption plus body activity (exercise).   Quite a discussion.  Comes down to what triggers the insulin production and how body manages it.

For anyone who really wants answers to these debatable questions, I kinda think this phone interview will help you sort it out.    Jan


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