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October 10, 2012

Kev’s Cancer World Summit, invite

(Believing as I do that knowledge is POWER,  chose to share with you a notice of Kevin Gianni’s 2nd Annual Cancer Summit.  There are doctors and survivors who share with you, techniques, methods,  substances and attitudes which can slay this dragon and even keep it from coming around.  Like most health minded people, it pays to stay open to the new and possible. . . .  .  one never knows. .

Aside from the importance of the subject matter,  there are two reasons I would suggest this to anyone;  1)  Kevin Gianni runs a very  good blog called Renegade Health – have spoken of him frequently. . . nice people and smart.  2)  the panel of speakers is showcasing some of those I admire most.  .  .  New York’s Dr Nicolas Gonzales – to whom I would go if I could,  if I had a cancer, tho in all likelihood, that probably isn’t going to happen, devoted as I am to non-toxic anything and wholesome, organic whole foods and home made juices including wheat-grass ala Dr. Ann Wigmore.   It ain’t easy fitting all this in, but, .  .  .  I’m worth it.  .   .      Jan    )            

Oh, and it’s FREE

today, is the launch of the 2nd Annual  Healing Cancer World Summit.

Last year, I produced the Healing Cancer World  Summit and it was a massive success.  We  broadcast the event to over 50,000 people —   totally free — online.

This year, we’re doing it again.

The 2nd Annual Healing Cancer World Summit 2012 is a program that will build upon last year’s  event.  This year’s lectures are completely new and just as good — if not better than last year.

The feedback we received the most from last year’s  presentations was “what are the steps to  preventing or treating cancer?”

We listened to you and this year, the focus is on  case studies — from the doctors and the survivors  themselves.  You’ll discover exactly how they  prevent and treat cancer naturally.

I hope you find this valuable.

The program starts on October 31st, but registration starts today — October 9th, 2012.

Please be sure to sign up now to reserve your spot and listen in — completely free — from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s where you can go to watch a video and sign up now:

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