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October 6, 2012

Hungry for Change movie

This is a chance to give all a shot to see FOOD MATTERS latest movie  “Hungry for Change” for this day only.  It is great.  For your pleasure and edification::

Dear Jan, October 6, 2012.
Today is your last chance to join the Hungry For Change Book Launch Celebration! Now’s the time to make your health a priority and put yourself first!
Find out all you need to know about what to eat, what to avoid and how to get started with this lifestyle.
Access to the entire full length Hungry For Change film online. Get motivated and share the message with your family and friends!
This is the official launch for the book and if you order before midnight ET tonight you will get instant access to the book launch bonuses (starting at only $15.07).
Learn from the most incredible transformation story in the film. Find out how he lost over 220 lbs, kept it off and did all this without diets, pills or surgery.
Kris is a beacon of light in the natural health world and helps us to see the simplicity in changing our diets, improving our health and kicking sugar and food addictions.
Thank you again for your support and helping spread this message. Together we are empowering more and more people to take control of their health and break free from the diet trap.
In good health,

James & Laurentine
Producers ‘Hungry For Change’ & ‘Food Matters’

Book Launch Celebration –
Less than 12 Hours Remaining!


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