SMOKINCHOICES (and other musings)

October 5, 2012

Spare a little time . .

How Fast You Run and Why

Some of us run for health reasons, and well, maybe the high of feeling good.    Good choice.  However, far too many people are running as fast as they can in all directions at once.   Sadly, this is not a good thing.    There so often isn’t a goal or hope or joy, just desperate need.  Most of us, it would seem just got used to moving fast. .  .  for all sorts of reasons beyond the early bird thing.   Hurry, hurry – mustn’t waste time  seems to come from the marrow.  It’s the way too many operate for decades now.   Don’t think its genetic, rather, it seems to be a  learned thing.

If one is a ‘rusher,’  it is harder to be the dreamer.  It is recognized by many, that dreaming (imaging,  fantasizing, fixating on a core idea or goal, symbol or non-symbolic free-floating state) is so frequently where the new, creative ideas come from,  which can materialize into  dynamic new directions or forces.    One could almost say that  solutions (or that which is sought), in fact come from the  inner spheres of self  (or the subtle – unseen), and if recognized and allowed to indwell, circulate and manifest,  can deeply enrich our lives.   Change our lives.   Just an observation, not selling personal philosophies here.   So my point?        I do have one.

I’m happy with “smokinchoices” and I seriously enjoy doing it.  There is no possible way I could list or rank all the loves of my life from the magnificent people who have filled it or the wondrous activities I’ve enjoyed.  Because of being a seeker,  I have loved ‘learning’ and not left too many stones unturned.  I have been blessed, both with those I’ve known, the experiences which have come my way and the able body and obedient hands which were an extension of my brain.    Grateful for so much.

But I am not Dr Jan,  I am “blogger Jan.”   Just a happy transmitter of information and ideas.  Because one of my deepest passions is health, that is mostly what fills this blog, even though it was started with trying to help people quit Smoking – – that was nevertheless, related to health.  But I realize, everyone is so different.  Not all are part Pit-Bull like me, for when I really want something  I go after it.  (well, I used to).  Nor thankfully, is everyone an independent rebel like me. One Must go along to get along sometimes.

So I am completely understanding when someone explains they neither have the time nor inclination to pursue being their own doctor.   That’s what doctors are for.    I will always believe that our body will never have the relevance or importance to anyone else as it does to us, whose body it is.   To think otherwise is blatant foolishness.    So I am saying that no one else will ever be responsible for your body – only you.  And it behooves each of us to get to know what our body needs and be willing to take charge of those needs rather than leave those choices up to taste buds or Madison Avenue or any fee-for-service doctor.  We consult with physicians for their expertise and then make our own choices.

What would be ideal is if you and everyone else would in fact slow down a little, take the time to  get in touch with your own body and try to hear the messages.  Pain and discomfort are messages.  Gas is a message.  Obesity is a message as is lack of energy or loss of desire – for anything – fun, sex, joy,  people (others).   Our bodies tho extremely complex- – almost beyond knowing don’t expect us to be scientists.  All the wisdom in the world is already within our body.  All we need to do is give it what it needs and it will take care of the rest.    Furthermore,  I don’t believe any human ever died for lack of chemicals (pharmaceuticals), just flat-out simple whole, organic food and water.

So, these are the points I wanted to make tonite.  There is so much out there which is only contributing to some corporate bottom line while at the same time, polluting our bodies.   I have a few posts ready to put up and they are downers (to me)  I’d much rather speak of happy things or beautiful stuff – uplifting, because it makes us feel good.  But I’ve taken this on and guess it should be done.  Why?  Well, it shouldn’t be happening!   Pharmaceuticals are dangerous and any of them always have side effects – some lethal.  We are the next thing to a police state with those vaccinations and flu shots!  When one takes the time to learn about this stuff and realize how we are maiming our kids and killing people off with ineffective meds, faulty errors and flagrant lies. . . . well, one either turns off completely, in which case you wouldn’t even be reading blogs like this,  or you wise up.      I care about you.     Jan



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