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October 4, 2012

First Presidential Debate 2012

Thank God that’s Over!

  • Who was that exuberant man with all the hair?

Did a good job.  Was enthusiastic, eager  and seemingly happy to be here.  How sincere he sounded and caring.   Trouble is, he looked a lot like Mitt Romney and we know that couldn’t be him.    He has already told “everyone” what his plans are and it wasn’t anything like we heard last night.   We have heard, seen so many versions of Mitt Romney, that frankly,  I doubt anyone knows who he is including Mitt Romney himself.  He thinks he can be anyone he wants to be according to the day and it’s needs,  and the many-faceted commitments he has made with his radical -Right,  the Tea-Party and all those deep-pocket funders who “own” him.

The Mitt Romney we think we’ve come to somewhat get a hint of  is first and foremost a great money-maker;   is so highly private and secretive, he won’t even allow his money to be kept in our country, leaving a checkered trail of confusion about what he deeply values, for his wife explains his frugality extremes of turning off the water heater after showering in order to save money leaving other family members with cold water for showers explaining that ‘cold showers aren’t so bad’;  but also on the other end of the spectrum – – his eternal indulgence of all the little niceties of wealth as he builds his exquisite garage complete with elevators for his fleet of vehicles he personally owns.  Yes, this is a rather complex man.

The persona shown to the October 3rd audience claims great concern for the beleaguered, struggling masses with all they face as they try to make it through their days.  .  .   the inference being that this is due primarily to President Obama’s derelict management style.  So what would Mitt do?   The video-tape of his May ’12 meeting with a group of his wealthy donors gave us a large, clear picture in his own words as he discussed the 47% of the masses who were in effect, a drain on society –  the leeches who didn’t contribute, but only took while others paid the tab, so unfairly.   How he was not concerned about them at all.    So that’s what he thought. . . .what would he do to change things?   #1, We must bring down that deficit! and that means we can no longer borrow from China to pay for all those “programs” such as routine public services and all those extra programs people have come to expect as part of life to which they are “entitled”. .  . such as early childhood care,  nursing homes for the elderly,  planned parenthood and  tuition help for students attempting to prepare for a productive life (just let them borrow from their parents).  Is it even possible to experience “caring” if one doesn’t have any way to relate to the “other” in order to understand their plight?  Sorry, it just strains credulity.

If  our voting public believed they were going to be informed about Mitt’s plans – how he was going to accomplish this better way of life that our struggling middle class is hoping to hear, it was in fact, Mitt as usual,  calling an ax a rose,  and cuts were benefits and improvements.   There was no clarification.  There was subterfuge and flagrant distortions.

  • And who was the other guy, the one who looked so much like Barack Obama?

It was President Obama?   Well now that’s confusing.  This looked like a man who didn’t want to be there.  Wasn’t having a good time at all.  Did not address any of the 101 vitally important items on most short lists.  Didn’t challenge all or even any of the flagrant distortions we’ve had to deal with in these thousands of political ads Mitt has pelted the airways with.

Our president, brilliant orator that all know him to be, seemed out of it,  looking down almost the whole time instead of full-on participation.  What has occurred to me is that he has no friends left other than family on Pennsylvania Avenue.  Those that remain perhaps have been so busy telling him of his so-called faults  . . . ‘don’t come off superior’. . . . .’ don’t be professorial’ . . . . . .don’t show your dislike of your opponent   Why the Hell not?

Our president has good instincts and a great mind.   He needs a new mirror which reflects the truth and perhaps, some new advisers who like who he is and trusts him to just be Barach.  It must be hard to live four years amongst people who hate your guts and want you gone.  But if your closest associates also want to change you, well, I don’t see how we get there from here.

Your numbers had been in the crapper for so long, that it may be hard to adjust to the new ones.   But two things have caused that change and one of those things is you Mr. President.  People have always liked you.  They trust you.  You have let them down many times and  often because it seems you won’t “fight” for us.  You speak, but that isn’t action.  You have to allow your resolve to fully express and carry it through.  The way you have come out and addressed us has got the job done, our approval is in your pocket.  But my God, you have to want this.  And if you want the second term, you have to let it show. So,  first is your own decision.  Then get off the dime and just do it!

The second thing which caused your increase in the polls is that people have figured out that what they have seen of Mitt and learned about him is not what they want.   The problems they have with you are better than the problems they would have with Mitt.   And things ARE getting better.    That was before last night.    Now, you are going to have to work stronger and tougher, but that’s as it should be – break a dish, clean up the mess.

Still on your team, Mr. President.   Jan


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