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September 28, 2012

Lake Erie’s Euclid Beach alert

Second Lake Erie beach has toxic algae


Summer-like weather might be behind us, but toxic, blue-green algae are still sticking around.

State officials posted a new warning at Cleveland Lakefront State Park’s Euclid Beach this month.

A Sept. 17 water test detected a liver toxin in the water, prompting officials to issue a warning four days later that swimming and wading are not recommended for older people, young children and those with weak immune systems.

Euclid is the second Lake Erie beach to get an algae warning this summer, following the beach at Maumee Bay State Park.

  • Similar warnings have been posted at Grand Lake St. Marys and three Buckeye Lake beaches.
  • Blue-green algae, also called cyanobacteria, are common in most Ohio lakes and streams but grow thick in water polluted with phosphorus from fertilizers, manure and sewage. Heat and still conditions also help them grow.

The algae can produce as many as four liver and nerve toxins that can sicken people and kill pets.

(Jan’s Comment:   

This problem has known causes and we are all aware of it, but the causes are not faced or dealt with in an honest, straight-forward manner. It is the way “Agribusiness is done in these advanced, modern times.  Progress, sadly,  is not always better.   Certainly one can’t blame the rains this year as the lack of rain has been a destructive influence to our farmers with many destroyed crops.  It IS THE CHEMICALS.

Traditional farming techniques – the way  farming has always been done back throughout recorded history has survived very well through all kinds of weather with the simplest of methods globally practiced.   Farming was never meant to be dependent on chemicals.  Observation of the way things works can easily be seen  – – Nature wastes nothing, everything  is recycled.   The soil remained rich because  spent crops were tilled back into the earth;    crops were rotated keeping bacterial variety and quantity varied and high – HEALTHY.  The soil was fragrant and rich, teeming with life, the worms adding to the overall economy.  With such a fertile environment, the food produced was totally organic and loaded with dense nutritive value which sustained life of all species, most especially, our own.  Now, we must pay extra to buy “Organic” food if we wish to have a chance at having a healthy life or to enjoy great taste.

This is not some ancient history I speak of here – just 50 years ago – all food was organic.  Likewise with our meats.  Cattle and chickens etc were not “factory farmed,” but meadow  raised and grass fed.  Corn was never a proper food for animals.   The manure generated by these animals was also a welcome and useful part of farming.  It was rich in fertile texture and content and was a vital part of the organic farming scene.   Corn changes the animals body structure and debases their health.  The fat of beef as an example was healthy for us to eat as it contained much higher rates of Omega 3 fats which was far better for humans for this is the kind of fat we need to maintain good health.  Modern man is getting far too much of the Omega 6 fats from both the animals fat (chicken included because of the corn), and the processed oils found in most of any prepared foods which Americans are prone to eat.    We would be so much better off if we would limit our fat intake to fish oil,  extra virgin Olive Oil (check out the post on Olive Oil),  or coconut oil.

With regard to the pollution of our waterways and the elegant Great Lakes, one of our greatest treasures,  they seem to be stuck in permanent deterioration.   Probably no amount of further “chemical addition” will fix this massive problem, because it will still be more chemicals which do not sustain life.  They are synthetic, not life enhancing.  I appear to be hammering on Monsanto etal once again.  They are a large part of what is wrong with our American way of life.   But then, I feel the same way about pharmaceuticals.  Laboratory made synthetics, not life sustaining nutriment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Corporations should not be allowed to mess things up, create havoc or harm – and just ignore the consequences.  They should be forced to pay to correct their errors.  Monsanto’s desire to control the food sources of the world has been wrong-headed from the beginning.  Yet they have been allowed to get away with it.  Genetic Modification is one of the most frightening concepts to cross into reality in my life time.  It has made me give up many of my favorite foods and corn is one – – I love corn.  Almost all Soy is GMO – – I won’t touch it – even fermented, because its genetically altered and dangerous.  Mostly the corn is also G. E. food.  Then of course, there’s the seeds – again, genetically modified.  Hard to find any legitimate “heritage” seeds.   No one in the world should be allowed to do to people what Monsanto has done.  No-one.     Jan)


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