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September 27, 2012

Fluoride debate Heats Up

The Fluoride Debate Heats Up and Finally Gets Some Media Attention

(I have droned on about Fluoride  til I’m sick of it, yet it won’t go away – there are too many vested interests, obviously.   From the highest echelons right down to the dentists and doctors – sorry, I’m not as charitable as our guest speaker.  Why do I keep doing this?  Because  we ALL must resist being poisoned. . . it is the collective voices of us all which will not be ignored.   This is a contributor to Alzheimer as well folks, and most of us do care a lot about that.  The babies and all our children for so many decades now.  Gotta stop.    Jan)

Oregon Water Fluoridation The Sad Truth About a Beverage You “Should” Drink Every Day   Oregon Water Fluoridation
This contentious issue is now in the media around the world — but will you really learn the truth there? Discover how their studies mask the real truth, how it increases your taxes and decreases your health, and much more. Is there a way to escape its pernicious effects?

Story at-a-glance

  • On September 12, the City Council of Portland, Oregon approved the plan to add fluoride to the water supply, despite opposition from a clear majority of the residents
  • The debate about water fluoridation has heated up on multiple fronts, and discussions have finally spilled into the media. In September, Dr. Paul Connett debated a forced-fluoridation lobbyist
  • In New Zealand, the Council of the Royal Society made a sudden about-face, declaring it would not include water fluoridation in its current work program after initially issuing a call for relevant research to be included in a new risk-benefit analysis
  • Citizens in Cornwall, Canada, and Phoenix, Arizona are currently pressuring their city councils to re-evaluate the issue of water fluoridation

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