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September 5, 2012

Lawsuit over stent surgery


Doctor, Hospital sued over “STENT”


CLEVELAND — A Cleveland man who is suing his cardiologist and hospital over allegations that a stent was unnecessarily implanted in his heart says the procedure was traumatic and expensive.

Anthony Barber, 53, filed suit in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court on Friday against Westlake cardiologist Harry Persaud and St. John Medical Center.

The lawsuit came days after the hospital sent Barber and 22 other patients letters saying their stents — devices used to open arteries to allow blood to flow — might have been inserted needlessly. Barber’s operation was on Feb. 9.

After hospital staff members questioned one doctor’s work this year, St. John sought an independent review. An expert determined that stents the doctor placed may have been medically unnecessary in 23 of 30 cases reviewed so far. Additional cases are still being reviewed, St. John officials said.

The hospital did not identify the doctor, who has disputed the allegations. But both the letter and the lawsuit named Persaud. The Associated Press could not reach Persaud yesterday for comment.

Barber said the procedure caused him severe permanent mental and physical injury and needless expense .  He has asked for a jury trial.    The suit alleges that St. John officials knew Persaud, 53, had engaged in a pattern of incompetent or inappropriate behavior performing fraudulent medical treatment yet failed to limit his privileges.

St. John Medical Center is jointly owned by the Sisters of Charity Health System and University Hospitals.

St. John officials declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Persaud was not an employee of St. John but had privileges to practice there from 1989 until the stent controversy arose.   He still practices at Southwest General Hospital in Middleburg Heights, where similar cases are being investigated. Southwest General’s vice president of medical affairs said there’s no evidence of improper care so far.

(Imagine the trauma of being this patient.  Such surgery must be frightful to anticipate – – and then go through, only to learn that the whole thing may have been unnecessary.     Anyone interested may want to read what Dr McDougall had to say about heart surgery in the  piece he did after President Clinton underwent “heart surgery”   –  –  McDougall invitation to Clinton   – (2-14-10)          Jan



  1. Hi
    i had 3 cardiac stents fitted in Australia at a Sunshine Coast Private hospital. I had one incident of chest pain whilst riding a bike early one morning, pain lasted for approx 3 hours and then gradualy dissapated with panadol. Had slight niggle when riding or walking after 100 meters then slight twinge would dissapear FOR REMAINDER OF WALK, OR FAST BIKE RIDE DURATION 1.5 HOURS. 67 YEARS OF AGE good blood pressure[ 120/75 HR55 never overweight, never smoked or eaten fast foods. Have always exercised , 2 glasses of wine per week and never breathless.
    The good Dr diagnosed the one pain and residue as angina and said I had 85% blockage. The niggles of pain at start of exertion continued for approx 4 months after procedure. This was a fraudulant medical procedure but in Australia there are no avenues to address this.
    Cheers John L

    Comment by john langdon — November 6, 2012 @ 2:42 am | Reply

    • John, it is stunning to hear that there is no avenue to pursue justice for your presumed ‘inappropriate’ and seemingly
      worthless procedure. I truly had no idea that Australia was so backward.

      Your description of your health markers seem quite excellent and your lifestyle seems beyond reproach. Confusing, because what you describe suggests something is wrong or needs attention. For sure, you need a totally different doctor. Since I’m not qualified (licensed) to practice medicine or law, I can do little more than sound like an animal baying at the moon, which can be daunting, for this is such an unfair outcome. I have no patience for such stuff and as if moth to flame, am moved to want to mount my customary soapbox (an obvious fault of mine). I am really trying to restrain myself, opposed as I am to customary procedures and toxic pharmaceuticals. My preference you see is always as close to what nature has provided to us as is possible. So alternative or naturopathic, homeopathic and so on.

      John, your doctor based his conclusions on legitimate tests, did he not? Whether your answer is yes or no, there has to be some kind of governing authority in your country, a medical board, etc. What happens down there with regard to Mal-practice? I’m truly sorry that you have had such a terrible experience. It would be hopeful that some good come from it so as not to be left feeling so helpless in a rotten circumstance. Perhaps that you listen more intently to the wee inner voice when it prods you. We all feel [hear] our inner voice differently, but somehow – there would be a resistance to an unwise, not-for-us choice. Most especially because you had done everything right for most all your life. It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say “you are what you eat” – – we all fall under that law. So this would be the direction for true benefit for your body. I wish you well, Dear John. . .stay in touch, Jan

      Comment by Jan Turner — November 6, 2012 @ 3:43 am | Reply

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