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August 28, 2012

Reading Mitt and Paul’s faces

Dear Friends and fellow voters,  I am totally helpless to keep this to myself!

I remember sharing a “FACE READING”  post with you some time back.  This is an ancient science  in use for more than 5,000 years and practiced in this case by Jean Haner  Her website is One of her books is simply “The Wisdom of Your Face”    Can find her on Facebook as well.    Go sign up for her newsletter!

Because of the season we are in presently, it seems very timely, so following are both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  You might enjoy this as much as I did  –  always am open to new and interesting science, techniques or tools.  Enjoy.  Jan

Reading Paul Ryan’s Face

The US news is full of politics, and if you’re not yet feeling tired of all the posturing and manipulation, I admire your patience. While I’m not naturally interested in debating about the candidates, at election time I’m always inundated with requests to read their faces, and in fact, it can be pretty fascinating to see who they really are inside.

Since Paul Ryan has just been announced as Romney’s VP running mate, I’ll start with him and write about the other faces in the race soon. When I do a face reading for anyone in politics, I need to set any of my own views aside and approach the reading neutrally and objectively, to just communicate the facts of what I see.

So please know there is no veiled effort here to push any agenda or make negative or positive judgments. I am simply reading the information presented on his face.

What is Face Reading?
Just to make sure we’re on the same page here: Chinese face reading is an ancient branch of Chinese medicine, which is 3,000 years old. It’s based on a very sophisticated understanding of patterns inherent in all aspects of life on earth, including people.

There are patterns in the characteristics of your face – things like the size and shape of your features, any wrinkles you develop, the form of your ears, slant of your forehead, etc – that can reveal your personal potential, strengths and challenges in life, who you really are and what you need to be happy.

OK, let’s take a look at Mr. Ryan’s face.

Paul RyanDrive to Win
There is one very strong theme I immediately see, and that’s of what I call the “Warrior” – a man who’s incredibly driven. This is shown in his very large and highly-defined jaw, his eyebrows, indented temples, the wrinkles between his eyebrows, the rectangular shape of his face, and his complexion.

For one thing, that means he’s likely to be very physically active, highly competitive and probably interested in sports,. But of course this extremely driven and competitive nature is also the perfect personality for a politician – it means he likes to win, and he’ll do everything he can to come out on top.

However, these same patterns also show a person who genuinely wants to create positive change in the world, to make it a better place, and this probably is one of the reasons he chose politics as his career.

Only Working out of the Left Brain
This is a practical, pragmatic man who has a very logical, linear mind – he views everything through the filter of his left brain. He probably loves to analyze things, to solve problems, to think about things.

In fact, I’d say he’s a world-class “thinker” – and by that I mean waaaay too much of a thinker. His very thin lips combined with certain wrinkles on his face and the fact that his upper eyelids cover part of his eye show that he’s not emotionally open, is weak in tuning in to other people’s feelings, and lacks an understanding of how important community and relationships are.

In a cynical way, he may well understand the value of community and relationships in terms of using them to help him achieve his goals, but he lacks the softness and receptivity of someone who truly makes himself available to connect with others in deep friendship.

Instead he values work, achievement, winning. So it’s not that I’m saying he won’t make friends but the danger is that any friends may all share his somewhat aggressive nature, or else just be used as stepping stones to get to the finish line first.

Reading Ryan’s Individual Features:

His impressive jaw especially signifies that he’s quite judgmental and may be quick to reject anyone who doesn’t agree with him. In his world, it’s “my way or the highway” – He’s not easily able to listen to all sides of an argument or to consider other people’s ideas or concerns, though he may give the impression he does so.

His indented temples also show us a tendency toward compulsiveness, which often is expressed as workaholism, as well as the potential for addictive tendencies. But this also means he can be extremely disciplined, so if he does struggle with addictions, he can keep them under control by sheer force of concentration.

He has a cleft chin, and this is often a sign of someone who just naturally ends up in the spotlight in some way. It also means he does need to be “seen” and appreciated in life and wouldn’t be happy working behind the scenes in any situation.

That chin along with the Joy Lines by his eyes (what we call Crows’ Feet) do show that he is friendly, has a good sense of humor and can be affectionate, which is a relief after such a strong message of drive and competitiveness from his other features!

Without these two aspects of his face, I doubt he’d be successful as a politician – people need to feel SOME personal warmth and connection. But in this case, his ability to express affection may be only skin-deep, more for superficial public interactions than available in more private friendships.

He has a “widow’s peak” – that little V in his hairline, and that’s an indication of a magnetic charm, and some natural intuition, again, another great feature for a politician to have!

His ears stick out slightly, which is a sign of a willful and independent nature, someone who’s a bit of a nonconformist or does things in unusual ways. This can be good – I’d think we’d want a leader who thinks for himself.

His very large nose means that he’s a perfectionist, highly self-critical, and probably very controlling in both his personal and professional lives. This is definitely a man who needs to have things HIS way.

It also means he’s far more sensitive than people realize, and especially sensitive to being criticized. Being thrust in the spotlight now will be a greater challenge for him than people think. He hates to feel judged by others, and is distressed by any signs of criticism. To cope, he may have to avoid reading or viewing any press reports about him or he’ll just get far too stressed.

The vertical lines in his lower cheeks are called “Lack Lines’ and are not a good sign. These basically indicate a pattern of deprivation that can be expressed in various ways. They can just mean that he’s working too hard, that he lacks getting enough downtime and rest. It can also show someone who breathes too shallowly when stressed (deprived of enough oxygen).

Or it can be someone who’s stingy with money, a real penny-pincher. Additionally it can mean that he lacks a natural sense of warmth and generosity, which is probably true here because it’s reinforced by his thin lips.

Overall, it usually means someone who struggles with anxiety about “enough.” They worry about having enough money, about being good enough, or having done well enough. This usually includes an unconscious sense in life that since there’s not enough for them, how can they possibly be giving or generous with others?

For someone with his nature, these Lack Lines are a major warning sign of an imbalance in his system, and these circumstances are only going to get worse with this stressful campaign!

Additionally in many of the photos I’ve viewed of him online, he has what’s called “Three White-Sided Eyes” where the whites under his eyes are visible. This is another strong danger sign that his system is overly-stressed.

To top this off, a third detail of his face reveals that he’s severely stressed – his eyebrows look somewhat “splintered” – instead of looking like solid lines, the hairs are breaking up. This is a man who’s been doing too much for too long and it’s to the point where I’m really concerned about his ability to cope. And this is only the beginning of the campaign!

Anger or Depression
The weak link in the chain for him emotionally will be how easily he becomes frustrated, and even angry. When he’s stressed, he falls into that state, and he can be impatient, easily irritated, and it’s easier for him to blurt things out without considering how it sounds, or to behave impulsively, without thinking through the consequences.

This quality will also incline him to be very self-judgmental, beating himself up for every little thing, and that kind of inner tension can easily throw his entire system off balance. One way to release that kind of stress is through regular and intense exercise, so I hope he does indeed fit that into his schedule.

Lastly, there is a strong likelihood of a personal struggle with depression and exercise is also of great benefit to counteract that.

Two Sides
But what also disturbs me about his face is the different messages you see in the left half of his face when you compare it to the right half.

The right half of someone’s face is said to be the “public” side – the messages that person is willing to share with the outside world. The left half of the face is the “private” side – where you can read their inner feelings, their private suffering, what they’re really going through inside.

When we look at the right half of Ryan’s face, it looks relatively stable, normal, open, and friendly. But the left side of his face gives entirely different messages.

His left eye turns down, which means a pessimistic nature, and someone who easily gets depressed. There’s also a sign of what’s called “Unshed Tears” by this eye, which means he has suppressed his feelings when he should be dealing with them.

His Lack Line is stronger on this side as well, indicating that he’s more deeply affected by stress and anxiety that we might think.

No one has a perfectly symmetrical face; there are always differences between left and right sides. But if they’re very different, as they are here, it shows a major disparity between the inner self and the outer self – the person he’s trying to convince us he is and the man who’s really inside. There is far too much dissonance here. (This has nothing to do with dishonesty, please understand.)

When I look at where Ryan is in the cycles of time, I see that 2012 is a time of growth, change and new possibilities for him, so it’s no surprise this opportunity has landed in his lap at this very time.

It’s also apparent that his early 40’s brings a significant boost to his power and prestige, that only continues to increase in the next few years. Whether or not that means he ends up as VP is not something that face reading tells us but what we do see certainly shows some positive support for that goal. Whether that’s good or bad news depends on your own values and perceptions!

Reading Mitt Romney’s Face

August 26th, 2012

Following on the reading for Paul Ryan below, now let’s take a look at Mitt Romney’s face!

Please know that when I do a face reading for a politician, I need to set any of my personal views aside, and neutrally and objectively communicate the facts of what I see. So there is no veiled effort here to push any agenda or make negative or positive judgments. I am simply reading the information presented on his face.

And just to make sure this is clear – Chinese face reading is an ancient branch of Chinese medicine, and is thousands of years old. Basically, it’s a science about recognizing patterns. There are patterns in your face – the size and shape of your features, any wrinkles or markings that develop; all these characteristics combine to reveal a deeper pattern of who you are inside.

Businessman’s Face
And with Romney’s face, there is one major pattern immediately apparent. He could have been sent from Central Casting to fill the role of “businessman.” The rectangular shape of his face, his thick eyebrows, indented temples, fleshy nose, strong chin and a few other fine details are all classic messages of someone who could find great success in business, as he has.

These aspects of Romney’s face reveal that he is good at setting goals and achieving them. He’ll excel at creating a strategy to get from Point A to Point B and then concentrate on doing the work to get there in the most efficient way possible.

He values a logical, linear approach to everything. In his world, it’s really very simple: You set a goal, create an action plan to achieve it, and you go step by step until you reach that goal.

Concrete Thinker
If Romney encounters a problem during this process, he confronts it with a kind of “repairman” mentality. He believes you should tackle any problem head-on with a logical, structured approach. In other words, if you’re trying to repair an object, you look at all the pieces and decide what needs to be fixed or replaced and then you do it. Problem solved, move on.

This can be fine in many cases, but it leans a bit too much into a style of thinking that Western psychologists define as “concrete thinking.” This means he may tend to choose too much of a literal or systematic approach even in cases that require a more sophisticated thought process, to recognize the complexities involved in finding a successful solution.

Compatibility with Ryan
When it comes to his working relationship with his running mate, Paul Ryan, this view of the world is one that Ryan shares, so it helps us understand why Romney chose him. They’re both very comfortable approaching everything as a goal to be conquered or a problem to be fixed, all viewed through the filters of their left brains.

He Is – But He Isn’t!
Usually, when I read someone’s face, I get very clear, distinct information, but when I started to do a full reading of Mitt Romney’s face, it was bewildering. Every time I came to one conclusion about some aspect of his personality, I immediately discovered its opposite characteristic.

The overriding message his face is giving me is: “He is, but he isn’t.” Let me give you some examples:

If you look at Romney’s eyebrows, you’ll notice they’re set very low on his face, very close to his eyes. This usually means someone is approachable. For example, people are likely to feel they can go right up to him and have a conversation, that he’s comfortable interacting with everyone.

But with Romney, this is immediately countered by other signs on his face that give a strong indication of of “social awkwardness,” the fact that he’s actually not comfortable being approached by most people outside of his known community.

So when you do come up to him, if you’re at all sensitive, you may feel his discomfort and be confused those “is and isn’t” messages. He’s approachable, but he’s not approachable.

Joy Lines
Next, there are what I call Joy lines by his eyes. In the West, we call those “Crow’s Feet.” In face reading, they’re considered a very positive sign, that this person is warm and affectionate and you’ll have a positive experience with him.

You only develop Joy Lines by giving genuine smiles, which involve both the muscles around the mouth and the eyes. And I’m sure Mr. Romney does give many genuine smiles!

But these Joy Lines are modified by his very tense mouth. Most of the smiles that he gives in public are not genuinely felt. When he’s with his “own kind” he will feel comfortable and will smile authentically, but in most public situations, the smiles are forced and inauthentic.

So this is another example of “he is but he isn’t”  – he can be warm and affectionate when he feels comfortable, but in most situations, he’s UNcomfortable, and so – have a positive experience with him? Not so much.

In some angles in photographs, it seems that Romney has a strong jaw, and this is good for a politician. There have been several scientific studies that show that it’s usually the politician with the strongest jaw who wins the election.

The jaw shows how competitive someone is, how driven they are to win, but also how much they’ll stick to their convictions. So when voters see a candidate with a powerful jaw, even though they don’t know face reading, they unconsciously feel that this person will stand up for them, and they feel safe with him.

But when you take a closer look, Romney actually doesn’t have a very strong jaw. It’s really his chin that’s the largest feature in his lower face, and it makes it seem like his jaw is also big.

The messages I’m seeing in this particular jaw is someone who does have drive and strong values but at the same time privately struggles with low confidence and self-doubt. This can actually be a good thing because otherwise, he might be too confident or set in his ways! But again, we have the message of “he is, but he isn’t.”

Romney has a rounded upper forehead, which signifies an intuitive nature. But the message of this forehead is modified by his rectangular face shape, thick eyebrows and indented temples, which all talk about someone who doesn’t value intuition or instincts, or would be too embarrassed to admit he does! So he may be naturally intuitive but suppresses it. Yet another possible “he is, but isn’t.”

So this pervasive theme of “he is – but he isn’t” makes me wonder if it’s the reason the Republican Party has been so unexcited about his candidacy. It’s almost like there’s no “there” there!

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