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August 28, 2012

Hunter-Gatherers – clue to Obesity

From Dr Mercola, another insightful piece that I think is actually very helpful.  I agree with it, so, I have brought over just enough to  whet your whistle.  Click the link below and read it for yourself.

Hunter Gatherer Clue to Obesity

Story at-a-glance

  • Even though hunter-gatherer tribe members spent many hours trekking long distances to hunt and forage for food, new research shows they still expended no more calories each day than adults in modern Europe and the United States
  • The findings indicate that daily energy expenditure may be an “evolved physiological trait largely independent of cultural differences;” in other words, eating more than the number of calories most human bodies are “wired” for could mean you’ll gain weight – even if you’re exercising religiously
  • About 80 percent of your ability to reduce excess body fat is determined by what you eat, with the other 20 percent related to exercise and other healthy lifestyle habits such as sleep and stress reduction
  • We’ve strayed too far from the foods we are designed to eat, so going back to basics and refocusing your diet on fresh, unprocessed whole foods, including only a minimum of sugars and grains, will help many people lose weight

Hunter Gatherer Clue to Obesity
Intriguing new research shows the reason why hunter-gatherer societies are lean while Americans are growing heavier is not due to exercise but this other key factor

(An aside, my own weight loss  – about 20 pounds, came about because of juicing.  My body was truly satisfied [with all those minerals], so it obviously cut back my desire to eat as much as I had previously.    And, don’t think you can get fat on juicing.   This was not a “dieting effort”,  just endeavoring to give my body the maximum health benefit and body shrank of it’s own accord.    I also ate solids, just not as much,. . . .salads, soups – crazy about beet borscht and when I make it will have for breakfast, too,   sometimes a smoothie – not often – prefer juicing.  Salmon when I want it, enjoy eggs, have two boiled eggs for breakfast frequently.  When I gotta have chocolate – – I have some. Yes I eat to live, but I have a rule, one must enjoy that food, so whatever it takes.  Hasn’t killed me yet.   (Little secret if you don’t tell, my Venus is in Cancer  conjunct Pluto in the 10th,  – – so one might say, my heart has always been pretty much in the kitchen where all the alchemy goes on.   Jan)


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