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August 25, 2012

GMO Corn

Why I Can No Longer Eat Corn

Tho I genuinely salivate at the thought of delicious corn, sadly, it hasn’t been on my table for several years now.  USDA, FDA or any other aspect of our government is doing any testing on this dire situation.  They have collectively chosen to be in bed with all the major chemical corporations, especially MONSANTO who have declared genetic modification to be totally safe without having to submit documentation which substantiates this.   And since Americans are also not being allowed to use and benefit from labeling laws which could help us determine the “safe” foods,  if we are aware –  we must abstain.

We do know quite a bit tho.  Corn has become heavily used for animal feed which is one of the reasons cattle and chickens etc are becoming increasingly fat (more profit for  the meat producers). The claim of lower cost to consumer falls flat because we also experience greater health challenges followed by increased medical costs which are horrendous and permanent.    Grass fed and cage free follows the plan laid out by nature wherein the animals were healthier and happier.   Most people aren’t aware that the fat we eat in pasture raised animals is okay to eat and doesn’t harm us.  But factory farming changes their fat to primarily Omega-6 instead of the Omega-3  which is the kind of fat our body requires and we don’t get enough of.  I digress. .

This is about corn.   Enjoyed an article about corn from Kevin Gianni’s  site – Renegade Health written by his dear friend and contributing physician, Dr J. Williams of the “How To Read Your Own Blood Tests” fame. Kevin’s site is one of the few I subscribe to .  .  .  young, smart, great variety, well connected, knows what he is doing – – and he and Annemarie have a new baby  (like Matt Monarch and Angela of Raw Food World).    Since I enjoyed this, am giving you a link to the site and the article.    Enjoy.       Jan


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