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August 25, 2012

Abortion is “Settled Law” get over it

WE’RE  NOT  GOING  BACK  TO “back alleys”

Life moves FORWARD  like progress and evolution

Roe v.Wade  January 22, 1973

The United States Supreme Court received the case to be heard in 1970 with 7 Republicans and 2 Liberal Judges.  Byron White was appointed by John Kennedy, but despite his predilection, was one of the two dissenters.  The 2nd was William Rehnquist appointed by Ron Reagan. Seven members of this court were appointed by Republican presidents.  Interesting.

Tho the majority of  judges on the  U. S.  Supreme Court which heard this landmark case  in the early 1970’s were Republicans the decision was made 7 – 2   for  Roe v Wade suggesting to us that  the state of the GRAND OLE PARTY as it stands now,  has seriously changed or deteriorated  to the extent that we may be about to become a one party system which is not the best thing for America.   Our government was designed to serve the needs of all the people.    How can we have this  outcome as it stands now?  It takes two sides populated with  FREELY ELECTED  people (not bought and paid for by a handful of the richest people in the land), who have both the mental acumen and capacity for intelligent dialogue along with a degree of tact and respect for the system , the country and  most of all, a desire to “serve the people, ” not line their own pockets with ill-gotten gain.

Disagreement  can be difficult and the need to handle it deftly it is so serious  that our elected  congressmen and women need all these essential components and abilities to be able to serve in any capacity at all.  This is why we don’t allow low-lifes and known criminals to serve.  There should be respect and space for opposing views without the extremes this congress – – the House,  has demonstrated. We have seen  deception,  double-standards and threats of shut down,  . . . a my way or no way attitude.  Can’t run a democracy effectively like that even tho President Obama has kept the doors open, kept us afloat and even advanced quite a lot of much needed iniatives.   The radical right has been successful in running out some of the finest minds the GOP has known.  They have no stomach for the rancor of the present political environment.  Many have had enough and are leaving.

Indeed, this is perhaps the worst “do nothing” congress of all time.    During the greatest financial plight our country has faced since the great depression, our president has had to deal with insurmountable odds.   Compromise was non-existent  from day one.  There was only one goal – defeat anything Obama tried to do.  Block him at every level.  Then pile on him calling him inept and ineffectual.. I know what they say about politicians,  but the level of manipulation and deception has been unbelievable.  But enough carping,  this isn’t  what’s bugging me.  I seriously want to understand where this apparent  zealotry comes from.   What is the “real” drive behind all this turmoil and irrationality which looks strangely like religious demagogy.

Laws come and they go.  Anything and everything can change.  Some things some of us like and others of us don’t.  That is why it must be done carefully and respectfully.  Humans come in all  sizes and colors.  Early Americans brought black people over from Africa and they were bought and sold  – chattel,  and called slaves.  Life happens bringing progress with it  and everything changed.  Slaves were freed.  Black people were never less than whites,  just  unluckier (probably some real bad karma).  People brought change and the Law corrected this great injustice.  Now they were free and American, but like women – – unable to vote, so not quite “whole Americans”, right?  We still needed more and different laws to usher in EQUALITYThey came  in their appointed time.

With every big change comes grumbling.  Some are indifferent, most understand and accept progressive “change”.  There are many who are happy.  There will always be a contingent who resists change, yearning always for things to stay the same.  ( I honestly believe that it is built into our natures.)   But we also have those with bitter feelings, raging at life itself for such outrageous gall to go around and ruin things all the time.  It appears that quite a number of the far-right Republicans of the political arena are of this last category – – the ones with bitter feelings and big time resentment.  And it couldn’t be clearer.

Separation of Church and State

Though the Supreme Court does not cloister around a rigid interpretation of this law, it nevertheless has been upheld repeatedly over the centuries as outlined by our founding fathers.  It has been honored and handled well over time. Its authority is supported by the first and fourteenth Amendments.  It has worked, thankfully, for we are a very diverse nation.

I am of the opinion that people in this country, and even around the world revere science as well as religiosity.   When considering the loss in church attendance/participation here in the west, it might seem both have lost some favor or status.  But I also believe it has more to do with role models and loss of respect rather than the state of our hearts and reverence for our spiritual source or the prayerful communion people seek and share.  Let us agree – – we are a diverse people of many and assorted backgrounds.    It is highly inappropriate to try in any way to destroy established laws which seem to be working well and meeting needs in order to reconfigure our legal system to accommodate the preferred structure which might appeal to the few.

People already have the right to legal abortion.  Because it is legal, allowed – – does not mean that it is a popular choice.  Many of us (women) would not have chosen abortion for ourselves, but would in a heartbeat – go to the wall in defense of our sisters to make their own choice based on their own need at any given time.  IN A HEART-BEAT!  That may seem radical to the far-Right, but its not, its a question of honor and integrity and fairness.  What is radical is imposing one’s own belief system on others.  This cannot be justified.   American women are not willing to accept mandated motherhood by having a pregnancy forced on them.  No one has the right to make that choice for a woman other than herself.

All Life forms propogate

The birds and bees and cattle and fish and all the flora of the field.  We’re all born that way!  The infinite wisdom which designed all this that we know on our planet is surely spectacular and so far beyond our comprehension, that it is laughable to assume that GOD is sitting up in his heaven with score cards to make sure we do everything according to what – our plans?  I hardly think so.  The intelligence which assembled this whole shebang is not some petty, small-minded score-keeper, seeing who’s been naughty and nice.  The infinite isn’t concerned  with what we do with our sexual urges or their eventual outcome,  even tho it may or may not have been divine inspiration which admonished for man to not cast his seed upon the ground.

Wouldn’t it be magnificent if all this energy could be organized into a thoughtful avenue to reshape Monsanto and all the other chemical plants who are busy engineering, cross-pollinating plant life and animal mixtures into new forms – all untested and unnecessary and harmful to people and the planet to such a degree that it is unspeakable.  Now that is worth making new laws about.  We don’t need to reinvent the perfection that was our pristine planet.  We need to love and care for it and hopefully, try to restore its harmonious balance and beauty before it’s too late, if its not already.        Jan


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