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March 12, 2011

Fluoride IS poisoning us

(Raymond Francis [of Beyond Health]  current newsletter has an excellent article on FLUORIDE.  This is a subject I have written on frequently as it is a life-destroying element.   So glad to have other legitimate, science-based sources speak on this.  There have been many worthy books written on the subject.  Dr Mercola has endlessly warned of it and so have I In fact, it was an effort to get people off fluoride that I originally wrote of Nadine Artemis and asked you to go to her site “Living Libations” to learn how to care for your mouth and teeth – to protect your health.  I love her suggestions and it is working for me.

If you are not aware of this hoax, please take the time to read this informative article from “Beyond Health.”  Jan)


How Drinking Lots of Water Could Ruin Your Health: The Great Fluoride Fraud

Poison in Tap Water

. . .  We would all be a lot healthier if the government would just stop poisoning us!

Drinking the recommended 8-10 glasses of water a day, if it’s fluoridated water, could ruin your health, increasing your risk of hypothyroidism, immune system dysfunction, arthritis, and many other disease conditions including cancer. Dean Burk, the former chief chemist at the National Cancer Institute has said that fluoridated water “causes more human cancer, and causes it faster, than any other chemical.”
The fact is the American public is in toxic fluoride overload, particularly the 72% who drink fluoridated water. More toxic than lead, and only slightly less toxic than arsenic, fluoride has been added to U.S. public water for more than sixty years.
Last month, the Dept. of Health and Human Services (DHHS) recommended lowering the permissible levels of fluoride that can be added to water; the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will now have the final say as to whether or not this is done. But even if this reduction occurs, it’s nothing to crow about, because the only safe level is ZERO.
The History of Fluoridation in the US.
Sixty years ago, it was well-known that fluoride was a poison (it was used to kill rats!). But the argument was made that in small enough doses it would be harmless and that it could reduce tooth decay. Unfortunately appropriate safety studies were never done, and, as I wrote about in “Fluoride Hazards,” it has never been proven that fluoride protects teeth from cavities. In fact, the evidence suggests that while it makes no appreciable difference in cavities, it does considerable damage — to bones and teeth, and also to the brain and nervous system, the intestinal lining, the kidneys, and the endocrine and reproduction systems. It also inactivates more than 100 different enzymes and depletes the body of calcium..
  • These are some of the reasons former EPA scientist Robert Carton has called fluoridation “the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century.”
Indeed, fluoridation has a sordid history, beginning with an industrial waste problem in the 1920s. Fluoride is a major industrial pollutant.  In the 1930s the Aluminum Company of America encouraged research linking fluoride and cavity prevention in hopes of finding a way to dispose of its waste fluoride. From the beginning, science and government have been corrupted by an unholy alliance with business, and scientists who questioned the party line — that fluoridation has been a big success — have found themselves without jobs or grant money. For the gory details, read Christopher Bryson’s The Fluoride Deception.
We Are Now in Fluoride Overload
Initially it was proposed that 1 mg of fluoride to 1 liter of water (mg/L) would be a safe amount. This assumed that everyone would drink a liter of water a day (equivalent to about a quart), so they would get 1 mg per day. Most fluoridated water today falls within the current DHHS target levels of .7 to 1.2 mg/L (the new recommendation would be .7 or below)..
  • In 1982, data was presented in Japan proving that even 1mg/L can transform normal cells into cancer cells, but the average American is getting about 7 mg of fluoride a day.
Once fluoride is added to water, there is a “multiplier effect” as the water is used to irrigate produce, to process or dilute foods and in beverages. Fluoride is ingested in pesticide residues and is particularly concentrated in fruit juices; also in beer, soft drinks and soups. Bottled water is now fluoridated. Air pollution from industrial emissions is another source. Many pharmaceutical drugs, particularly psychotropic (like Prozac) and antibiotic drugs, contain fluoride. Making things worse, are mouth rinses and toothpastes. Fluoride toothpastes contain more than 1,000 times the concentrations of fluoride as drinking water; if a child were to eat a tube of toothpaste, it could kill them.
Fluoride Detox
How to detox from fluoride? The first step is avoidance. If you’re living a healthy lifestyle you’re already avoiding many sources of fluoride. You’re eating organic and almost no processed foods. You’re not drinking fruit juices or sodas. You’re not taking medications, and you’re using “clean” toothpastes, like the ones we sell at Beyond Health. You have a home water purification system like ours that removes fluoride from your tap water (only reverse osmosis and distilling will remove fluoride).  You may even do regular saunas, which will remove fluoride in your sweat.
Fluoride depletes the body of calcium, but you’re taking calcium along with its synergistic minerals in our Bone Mineral Formula. This formula also supplies boron, a mineral known for combining with fluoride and escorting it out of the body. Some mineral supplements contain trace elements of fluoride, but you’re buying from Beyond Health, so you know this formula is free of fluoride and other contaminants.
You’re also getting plenty of antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E that compensate for the oxidizing effects of fluoride, and you’re eating an alkaline diet which compensates for fluoride’s acidifying effects. You’ve checked your iodine status and are taking supplemental iodine if you need it (iodine competes with fluoride and helps to protect your body from it and eliminate it).  You’re on a superior multi for general nutrient support, and you’re supporting your body’s ability to detoxify with the special nutrients in Cell Detox Formula.
Although fluoride is hard to avoid (it will even show up in organic produce if irrigated with fluoridated water) and although it bioaccumulates (meaning you can store more and more of it in your bones and other tissues over time), if you minimize the amount coming in and support detoxification, the good news is you can gradually release stored fluoride. This will give you more energy to get out and join others in getting fluoride out of our public water altogether! See the Fluoride Action Network for more information.

Japan and most of the European nations have banned fluoridation. I find it outrageous that the government has put what is essentially a medication in public water without any vote from citizens.  I have heard that when Nelson Mandella was asked what he thought of democracy in the United States he said, “It think it would be a very good idea.”


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